Rent Reviews/Lease Renewals

Image result for agentsOur consultant has over 30 years experience specializing in acting on behalf of tenants as a trend often emerges where landlords may try to take advantages of tenants in this situation and may take the opportunity to increase rent and other variable factors (i.e service charges) above market and reasonable levels.

We have a database of all properties that are available in London as well as substantial records of property transactions that have been previously carried out, thereby providing evidence of comparable properties in any given area.

From experience a tenant’s first consideration is often based on what seems to be within budget. However, often the correct rental for a property including rates and service charges should be far lower.

Only when absolutely necessary, we make representations for submission to a third party acting as arbitrator. However, this is a situation we try to avoid as we believe in communication and aim for the matter to be agreed without referral because the outcome can never be guaranteed.

We advise tenants of their obligations at the end of their tenancy, whether they are intending to renew or move into other premises, and what tactics can be best employed for this purpose.